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Yes! We custom design and install systems for closets, hallways, living rooms, and nearly any other area of the home. With our products, you can design a completely coherent and integrated living space.

We can provide a selection of countertops sourced from local suppliers. We can also assist with your selection if you choose to purchase from your preferred supplier.

We will design your kitchen around the appliances of your choice. We offer our clients preferential pricing with select partners.

You can purchase products from a variety of brands directly from us. No matter the source of your plumbing fixtures, we are happy to assist you in selecting products that complement your design.

Yes! We can visit your home for an initial in-house consultation. We examine every home before a design is finalized, making any necessary verifications and taking precise measurements in order to ensure a flawless finish.

Once we have discussed your requirements and gathered measurements, the initial design process typically takes about a week.

Our designers are specialized in creating appealing environments centered on our products. At Cuisines Modena, design is a fundamental part of our service, and we frequently collaborate with our clients’ interior designers and architects.

All of our products are custom manufactured in Italy according to your specifications. The delivery time can range from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the chosen finishes and features.