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Dandy Plus

Contemporary smart solution.

Dandy Plus: for a bathroom that’s altogether contemporary and connected.

We are with you
every step of the way.

We offer not only beautiful quality products,
but our team of experts guarantee a seemless
process from beginning to end.

Dandy Plus is a collection designed by Novembre Studio which accommodates contemporary requirements, where the connected objects exceed the number of human beings and the increasingly compact spaces requires more hybrid functions, as stated by Fabio Novembre:

“DANDY is a word that brings to mind uniqueness and breaking the mould. It is a new way to stand out that has nothing to do with money. Deciding to call our bathroom Dandy Plus is an attempt at tuning in with the men and women of our times who are the absolute masters of their era. They are the ones who will decide how to interpret the room dedicated to indulging in pampering, whether to wind down and soak in the tub or sing in the shower accompanied by the tunes played by Alexa”