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Living Dandy Plus

Dandy Plus: smart design to meet all needs

Fabio Novembre’s innovative vision of Italian design has given a new lease of life to Dandy, one of Scavolini’s best-sellers in the Eighties, which has been reinterpreted with a contemporary twist to link up with latest-generation technologies. This is the idea behind Dandy Plus, with its soft curves and bold colours that talk to the friendly voice of Amazon Alexa. This collection oozes modern appeal, and has been designed for those who experience their home as an extension of their personal style.

Dandy Plus is the first collection with built-in Alexa with which it responds to voice commands to find smart solutions to everyday requirements. Specifically to be closely connected to the room’s occupants, Dandy Plus becomes unique in its colours, functions and technological solutions, choosing among the large number of customisation possibilities available. Let’s discover all the characteristics up close!

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