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A New Era of Spatial Design

In order to remain at the industry’s cutting edge, we have implemented a virtual reality tool that allows you to visualize your kitchen or bathroom before it is even built. Complementing the 3D plan, this innovative experience will guide homeowners through the selection and design process.

An Enhanced Experience

We understand that it can be difficult to visualize the final result of an interior design project. Offering the opportunity to see your project in real time with a single click, our software takes you through a virtual walkthrough in order to help you make the right choices.

This enhanced experience is just one of Modena’s many advantages in helping to ensure your trust in our dedicated team.

Virtual visit


Open up cupboards and closets to see their interior layouts

View the inside of devices

View different combinations, finishes, colours, and features

Take advantage of a 360-degree view of your design

Cette expérience bonifiée est l’un des nombreux avantages
de confier votre projet à l’équipe de Modena.